Tuesday, 3 January 2012

in the eyes.... post for 3rd January

These two are our cats Marley and Ellie, I love the way their different characters are revealed through their eyes!

Hannah's angel.... post for 2nd January

This little angel is a special Christmas decoration, part of a string of lights that will be treasured, a reminder from a little angel that Jesus loves me! 

beyond the surface a post for 1st January!

This picture is a picture of my Christmas present from my husband Tim, it is a painting taken from a photograph taken at Snettisham beach in Norfolk. Like all pictures there is a certain poetic license in it's composition, and yet for me it represents the beach very well.

It is the first entry in my 365 project, and it seems fitting to me that it is not only a significant place for me that is represented, but that it is a picture of a photo inviting me to see more than the surface. Through all of my photos this year I hope to be able to do just that!